Low-income communities of color must lead when it comes to climate solutions. Climate change affects all of us, but it hits our neighborhoods first and worst.

Local climate scientists predict significant changes in the San Diego region, extreme heat,
drought, water shortages, wildfires, air pollution and sea-level rise. The effects of climate
change are magnified in low-income neighborhoods such as Barrio Logan, City Heights and National City because these neighborhoods house the largest sources of pollution. Residents also face polluting industries, inadequate infrastructure, limited transportation options, and poor economic opportunities.

In 2015, the City of San Diego adopted a Climate Action Plan to reduce our city's pollution over the next 50 years. EHC worked to ensure this plan prioritizes social equity.

EHC ensures that our communities get involved in policy development and advocacy to reduce air pollution, improve transportation options and benefit from the shift to clean and efficient energy practices. We follow these guiding principles to foster this change.

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