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Climate change has come to San Diego.

Countless research continues to warn us of the consequences we face as a result of rapidly rising pollution in our atmosphere. A local study concluded that, due to climate change, by 2050 San Diego will be unable to meet its energy needs and will face severe environmental and public health crises. San Diego's rapid growth means we'll have even greater problems if we do not reduce our carbon footprint today.

From rising temperatures, worsening air quality, increased wildfires, and dwindling rainfall, these impacts pose the biggest threats to low-income communities who already have less access to services and adequate health care.

EHC ensures that these environmental justice communities get involved in policy development and advocacy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and benefit from the shift to clean and efficient energy practices. We follow these guiding principles to foster this change.

The Green Energy/Green Jobs Campaign participates in state and national alliances to address climate change from an environmental justice perspective.

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