District board will be first in California to include an environmental justice representative

Near Tragedy Highlights Barrio Logan Toxic Burden

Community Budget Alliance pushes for a People’s Budget

New Legislation Calls for Reform of San Diego Air Pollution Control District
Bill creates equitable representation and greater transparency to the public

San Diego Passes Resolution to Restrict Truck Pollution in Barrio Logan

  • New route for heavy duty trucks will direct them away from residents
  • Environmental Health Coalition celebrates approval of the policy championed by community residents to protect public health
  • They presented the comic today during a tour of the Arroyo Alamar
  • Some of the youth artists appear in the publication as characters in photographs and as drawings
  • Launch of comic book “Mi comunidad y el Alamar, un río binacional y una comunidad fronteriza” (My community and the Alamar, a binational river and a border community.” 
  • The comic book contains information on the flora and fauna of the Alamar River as well as its important for Tijuana and San Diego

• Assessment released today sets baseline data to more easily evaluate City of San Diego’s progress moving forward
• Plan recommends immediate action in the areas that will have the most impact: mass transit and community investment