Green Jobs

People in low-income communities struggle with high rates of unemployment and limited economic opportunities.

Toxic-Free Neighborhoods

Low income communities of color have long struggled with racist land use practices that diminish their health, safety and quality of life.

Community Land-Use Planning

Under California law, all municipalities are required to complete General Plans which provide a blueprint and long range vision for cities.

Clean Air

For many years, residents in the community of Barrio Logan complained about the increasing heavy-duty diesel truck traffic on their neighborhood streets.

Border Environmental Justice

EHC reduces toxic pollution caused by maquiladora industries in Tijuana and promotes fair trade and globalization for justice.

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Through leader development, organizing, and advocacy, Environmental Health Coalition improves the health of children, families, neighborhoods and the natural environment in the San Diego/Tijuana region.

Our major campaigns focus on green energy and jobs, healthy kids, border environmental justice and toxic-free neighborhoods. The cumulative impacts of environmental, social, political and economic vulnerabilities that affect the quality of life in our target communities weaves a common theme in our work.

Since 1980, we have defended people's rights to live in healthy and sustainable communities. We empower people, organize communities and achieve justice.

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