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EHC is committed to increasing awareness and voter turnout to win justice for our communities because we know that when we vote, the right issues prevail.

Our voter empowerment efforts support and integrate with our base building, organizing and policy advocacy to build a culture of voting in environmental justice communities.

Today, EHC proudly partners with Engage San Diego, a network that builds power to win social and economic justice through integrated voter engagement and organizing.

Use your voice and your vote in elections to support candidates and policies that will help us improve our quality of life.

Some helpful resources for voters include:

  • Make Election Day Easy
  • Voter Registration Information (información para el votante en español)
  • Volunteer! Contact Jorge Gonzalez This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 619-474-0220 ext. 122
  • Donate to help EHC reach out to our communities

Every election is important. Every decision you make as a voter affects your health, your environment, your future and your life. We can build the community’s voice, the community’s power, when we take the time to participate in the process.

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