My name is Bea Barraza.

I joined EHC 31 years ago for the same reason that I'm still involved today - we lift up leaders. When we make leadership our foundational element, we build a movement with lasting impact.

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We started SALTA to bring leaders to life.

First, we mobilized leaders to tackle household toxics - everyday items that make families sick. Then we targeted public health issues, such as air pollution, with one goal in mind: empower community leaders to stand for their neighborhoods. It worked.

We built a sea of EHC teal.

We were showing up to city council meetings, protests and conferences with droves of community leaders taking leadership into their own hands. I remember looking at the crowd - a unified sea of courageous leaders wearing EHC's teal-colored shirts. It was, and still is, breathtaking.

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We're not done yet.

Your donation empowers EHC to continue building on its foundation of leadership. When you give, you tell our community members that leadership starts in our communities, and that their voice can make justice a reality.

My name is Tuong Bui.

In my Vietnamese-American neighborhood of City Heights, we deeply feel the impacts of climate change. We struggle with poor air quality and limited transportation options. For so long, I didn’t realize that I could do something about it. 

Tuong EHC

My community needed leaders, so I became one.

When I graduated EHC’s SALTA leadership training in 2014, I felt empowered to use my voice to change my community for the better. I wanted to protect trees, improve air quality and teach people to save energy in City Heights and beyond. These issues felt massive, but I now have the tools to combat them.

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With a donation today, you can help me build grassroots leadership in City Heights.

Your donation to EHC will open the eyes of community members like me, who don’t realize they have the power to make a difference. Please donate today.

Yesterday, the Port of San Diego adopted a plan to expand the Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal in a sustainable way to protect public health and the quality of life for our communities.

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More than 500 community members successfully urged The Port to reduce pollution and incorporate community benefits into Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal expansion. Thanks to you, our voices were heard.

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Because of your efforts, the official Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal expansion plan now includes:

  • Maximum cargo throughput that is 25 percent less than in the original plan
  • 36 new pieces of electric cargo handling equipment
  • Mandatory equipment that captures and treats smokestack emissions for ships that cannot plug into shore side electricity
  • Annual equipment inventory and technology review to identify new opportunities for emission reduction
  • A renewable energy project on the terminal, such as solar panels on warehouse buildings, or an equivalent locally approved program for greenhouse gas reductions

Tenth Ave Marine Terminal Expansion 1

Thank you for making our community voice heard. We look forward to working with The Port to support a historic plan that puts environmental justice first.

Meet Leticia Ayala, Maria Moya and Tuong Bui. As they experienced environmental injustices firsthand, they turned to EHC's SALTA leadership program where their voices were lifted.

Your continued support helps us build future leaders within our communities of color and ensure the visions of our neighborhoods become a reality. Please donate today.

EHC Empowers Community Leaders

Dia de los Muertos is a cultural holiday honoring the lives of friends and family who have passed away. The day celebrates the lives of those lost rather than mourns their absence.

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On November 2, EHC hosted the annual National City “Calaveritas” event at Paradise Creek Educational Park in the Old Town neighborhood of National City. “Calaveritas” translates to "little skulls." Kids and families decorated these sugar skulls, which are deeply rooted in Mexican tradition.

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We created alters with photos, flowers and decorations dedicated to our loved ones who have passed away. Hundreds of homemade sugar skulls and decorative frosting were provided thanks to community organizer Monserrat Hernandez and community leaders Alicia Sanchez and Maria C. Villanueva.

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