Irma believes, “anyone can be a leader,” even those who can’t read or write.

Irma and her fellow EHC leaders don’t put up walls around their communities – they open doors and pathways to leadership for everyone. With her infectious energy, Irma inspires her neighbors to get involved, raise their voices and make Barrio Logan a safe and healthy place for all people to live, work and play.

On April 20, please join us to honor Irma and her fellow visionaries at our awards celebration, Leaders United for Justice.


To Margarita, environmental justice means, “staying informed about what’s happening in our city,” and empowering her community to have a voice in the process. 


Margarita lives in National City, where poor air quality threatens the health of children and families. She goes door-to-door with EHC to inform her neighbors about the toxics in the air they breathe and she encourages them to demand change.

On April 20 at Leaders United for Justice, we’ll introduce you to leaders like Margarita who embody community leadership. Purchase your tickets today.

To Roddy, environmental justice means, “everybody has an equal right to clean air.”

As a City Heights resident, Roddy refuses to stand by while his neighborhood suffers from poor transportation options and air pollution. He channeled his concerns into action at EHC’s SALTA leadership-training program and has been a powerful advocate for his community since.

At our annual awards celebration, Leaders United for Justice, we’ll celebrate leaders like Roddy, who work every day to make our communities healthier places to live, work and play.

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Since the beginning of my internship with the healthy kids campaign at EHC, I’ve appreciated working in an environment where independence is encouraged and using my voice is expected.

healthy kids 1

My recent attendance at a blood-lead testing event, where neighbors can get screened for lead poisoning, reminded me why we work everyday to build strong leaders for healthy communities.

The event took place in City Heights, a neighborhood I’ve called home for almost 15 years. I watched kids come and go throughout the day to get their blood tested for lead. I met pregnant mothers also getting tested to ensure they and their baby will live long, healthy lives. Passionate parents advocating for a healthy future for their children begins even sooner than I had imagined.

healthy kids 3

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At EHC, we talk about leadership as the core of environmental and social justice. If you ever want to see what true leadership looks like, come to our next blood-lead testing event. You’re bound to be inspired by caring parents doing everything they can to lead their kids toward a healthier future.

Healthy Kids Intern

My name is Georgette Gomez.

While many of you may know me as your Councilwoman Elect for District 9, here are a few things you may not know about me.


I grew up in Barrio Logan.
The culture and the community shaped me into a person passionate about everyone’s right to a healthy community.

I started working at Environmental Health Coalition 13 years ago.
During that time, I have seen hundreds of my friends and neighbors graduate from SALTA, EHC’s leadership training program. I even participated in and facilitated SALTA myself.

Barrio Logan

SALTA taught me that leadership comes in all forms and is essential to our communities.
The parents next door who raise their voice about toxic pollution are just as much leaders as city councilmembers. Every person has a story to tell and an individual path to making change. SALTA ignites the power that already exists within them.

herb garden 4

I believe in a future of leaders united for justice.
Right now, you can help EHC build a generation of community leaders committed to healthy, safe and toxic-free neighborhoods.

Donate to EHC today and invest in our future.