As part of our Healthy Kids Campaign, EHC won passage of the first state law to ban the sale of lead-contaminated candies which significantly threaten children's health. The lead-free candy law went into effect in 2005.

Unfortunately, the threat of lead in candy still exists in California.

Red Vines Lead Candy

The CDPH sent a warning out last month telling parents and families that makers of Red Vines® Black Licorice  Twists, Family Mix, Mixed Bites and Snaps containing black licorice had lead levels exceeding California standards. The products have been recalled.

EHC asks you to be careful and discard any candy that is on the list below:

• Black Licorice Bar, 2.5 oz.
• Jumbo Black Licorice Hanging Bag, 8 oz.
• Black Licorice Tray, 5 oz.
• Black Licorice Laydown Bag, 7 oz.
• Black Licorice Laydown Bag, 16 oz.
• Black Licorice Jar, 4 lbs.
• Mixed Bites Hanging Bag, 8 oz.
• Mixed Bites Bag, 16 oz.
• Family Mix Laydown Bag, 24 oz.
• Family Mix Laydown Bag, 32 oz.
• Snaps Hanging Bag, 5.5 oz.
• Snaps Theater Box, 4.5 oz.
• Snaps Tin, 12 oz.

Remember to pay attention when buying any products for your children and families and look for EHC updates and information that will help keep you safe from lead poisoning.

You can help EHC with its efforts to continue working on making neighborhoods healthy and lead-free by donating here.



EHC and the San Diego Housing Commission offer free blood-lead testing to help ensure your children are safe from lead poisoning and to let you know if you may have lead in your home.

Exposure to lead-based paint can be harmful to your children. Depending on the age of your home, you may have lead in and around it without even knowing it.

If there is lead in your home, your children may be at risk of breathing or ingesting dust as lead-based paint comes off of your interior and exterior walls, doors and windows.

Our free blood-lead tests are easy and non-invasive and provide results within minutes. If your child tests positive for lead, we’ll refer you to further medical evaluation.

At the event, we’ll have helpful information on how to eliminate lead from your home, including offering fee home inspections and other resources.

Free blood lead testing will be offered on Thursday October 25, 2012 from noon – 4 p.m. at the Neighborhood House Association, 841 41st Street, San Diego, CA 92113. Download our flier with this information. (en español)

EHC is committed to protecting our communities from harmful pollutants like lead. Our efforts in the past include passing a City of San Diego lead ordinance in 2009. We are working to improve the City’s lead ordinance to protect more homes and more families from lead poisoning. Learn more about improving the City’s lead ordinance here.

On September 1st, Environmental Health Coalition, Colectivo Chilpancingo and RECIMEC met at the Arroyo Alamar with musicians from Tijuana and San Diego for a Fandango in favor of the "Alamar Sustentable" campaign.
The event was attended by nearby residents of the Colonia 10 de Mayo, Colonia Chilpancingo and Campestre Murua.
Those in attendance left the event very interested in the work the organizations are doing and recommended that a second event be held in the coming months.


Fandango dancing            



Fandango festival




fandango music


"Maria Martinez de - "Arriba Barrio Logan!" - we want community 2 speak for themselves & she nailed it. So proud

In less than 160 characters, Nicole's tweet sums up an inspiring and educational trip for our staff and community members to Sacramento to rally support for AB 1990. This two-day event filled with meetings with decision makers, educational forums and an energetic rally on the capitol steps also brought together environmental justice advocates from across the state. We formally refer to this group as California Environmental Justice Alliance. And together, we made a statement that all communities deserve clean energy and green jobs. This is what we call Solar for All.

Learn more about this historic statewide bill that is heading to the senate for a vote. And enjoy a few photos from our trip to Sacramento.


Today our Executive Director Diane Takvorian joined U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson, Mexico's Environmental Secretary Juan Rafael Elvira Quesada, Governor of Baja California José Osuna Millán and Mayor of Tijuana Carlos Bustamante to celebrate the closure of U.S.-Mexico Border 2012 and signing of the new U.S.-Mexico Border 2020.

As the leader of one of the nation's top environmental justice organizations, Diane shared examples to highlight how this bi-national partnership protects human and environmental health while issuing an immediate call to action to protect Arroyo Alamar from channelization.

She said that Border 2020 is an ambitious program that seeks to address complex problems through cooperation and community participation. We achieved some powerful results because of the contributions of Border 2012 and right now, families who live in Tijuana need our leadership to stop the channelization of Arroyo Alamar, one of the last natural places in their community.

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