VoterEmpowerment3For too long, politicians have taken advantage of low voter registration rates and low turnout in environmental justice communities.

EHC is committed to breaking this cycle by increasing awareness and turnout to win justice for our communities. Our voter empowerment efforts support and integrate with our base building, organizing and policy advocacy. 

From opposing a landfill on sacred Native American lands to fighting land grabs by developers to opposing rollbacks of climate change laws, Environmental Health Coalition takes positions on state and local propositions that impact the health and wellbeing of our target communities.  

As we consistently say: Your voice/Your Vote.

Every election is important.  Every decision you make as a voter affects your health, your environment, your future and your life. 

In a democracy, the future isn’t something that just happens; it’s something we shape for ourselves, together. Our power, the community’s power, is diminished when we stay home from the polls. When we don’t participate, the power of polluters and corporate interests grows and dominates. We can build the community’s voice, the community’s power, when we take the time to participate in the process.

Today, EHC proudly partners with Engage San Diego, a network that builds power to win social and economic justice through integrated voter engagement and organizing.

Use your voice and your vote in elections to support candidates and policies that will help us work to improve our quality of life.
Here are some helpful resources for voters.

  • Voter registration information (información para el votante en español)
  • Volunteer! Contact Franco Garcia This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 619-474-0220 ext. 164
  • Donate to help EHC reach our communities

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