Local Students To Develop New Mural For Barrio Logan

The community describes the soon-to-be mural as an empowering memoir of past visionaries mixed with its vision for the future of the neighborhood.

Thank you for Joining us for BarrioLive!

In October, more than 30 guests joined us for a tour and mixer to learn about environmental justice in our community of Barrio Logan. Thank you for making BarrioLive! a success.

Victory for Transportation Justice

Our community rejoices as Governor Brown signs bill AB805 into law. We couldn't have done it without you.

Standing Up To Hate

We know that to combat hate, we have to build long-lasting, sustainable people-powered movements. Please join us.

Victory for #healthyhoods in National City

We applaud National City Council for prohibiting pollution near our homes and families. Learn more about this victory here.

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Environmental Health Coalition’s Healthy Kids and Healthy Homes programs protect our region's most vulnerable children from toxics and lead poisoning in their homes and schools.