Environmental Health Coalition (EHC) works for environmental justice in the San Diego/Tijuana region and throughout California. Founded in 1980, EHC has worked to reduce pollution and improve health and well-being for thousands of people in underserved, low-income communities.

We believe that all people and communities have the right to live, work and play in a clean and safe environment regardless of their ZIP code. 

Our Communities

EHC's local work supports residents in low-income, ethnically diverse communities including Barrio Logan, Sherman Heights, Logan Heights, City Heights, National City and Colonia Chilpancingo

A common thread in all of EHC's campaigns is the recognition of the cumulative impacts of environmental, social, political and economic vulnerabilities that affect the quality of life in our communities. 

We are committed to working with low-income communities and communities of color to:

  • Reduce pollution to protect public health and the environment
  • Secure community plans that address our community's needs
  • Reduce toxic air pollution
  • Improve active transportation and public transit
  • Defend our children from exposure to dangerous toxins
  • Increase civic engagement and voter participation