healthy-childrenA home should be a place where children can grow up in a healthy and nurturing environment. Low-income communities spend the bulk of their income on housing, yet deteriorating housing stock makes this goal a challenge for many families.  

EHC’s Green and Healthy Homes project helps families save on energy costs and make their homes healthier and more comfortable by:

  • Improving ventilation in older homes to reduce respiratory illnesses resulting from mold and carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Ensuring that families are reducing the use of pesticides
  • Helping families switch to non-toxic household cleaning products 
  • Working with families to make simple changes to their daily lifestyles that will reduce their energy consumption
  • Assisting families to apply for programs that can provide home improvements

Home Energy Assessments

A home energy assessment is the first step to make a home more energy efficient. As part of the energy assessment, EHC’s Promotoras evaluate a home’s energy efficiency and work with residents and owners to make changes that help residents use less energy and save money.

Energy audits help families understand that every time they leave a light switch on or take a long hot shower, energy from polluting power sources is used. Once families make the connection, they know that their actions are not just saving money on their energy bill but saving our planet, protecting workers and improving our health.

Click here to conduct your own energy assessment.

Help is available

There are many programs available to make San Diego’s housing green and healthy. If you live in National City or in the communities of Barrio Logan, Logan Heights, Sherman Heights, or City Heights, contact EHC about our current programs.

The San Diego Housing Commission has several programs available to help make home repairs.  At the website, visit the Rehab Loan program (most are zero or low interest deferred loans), the HELP Loan program (forgivable loans for exterior and interior enhancement and water and energy conservation improvements) and “Home Safe Home.”

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