The unequal burden placed on low-income communities of color resulting from historically discriminatory policies calls for an environmental justice (EJ) analysis of the City of San Diego’s Climate Action Plan (CAP). Start Here, Start Now: An Environmental Justice Assessment of the San Diego Climate Action Plan evaluates implementation progress and recommends immediate and long-term solutions.

Start Here Start NowDivided into six sections, Start Here, Start Now: analyzes the overall allocation of funds to program management and implementation, the CAP’s strategies, and air quality. It is important to highlight that this is a baseline analysis, which includes recommendations to advance equity and data collection necessary to assess progress.

For key findings, please see executive summary.

When cities advance environmental justice, everyone benefits. Through this assessment, it is evident that climate investments need to be measured to demonstrate a clear benefit to EJ communities. The assessment also demonstrates the centrality of mass transportation. Nearly all of the key priorities of the San Diego Climate Action Plan would benefit from significant investments in public transit and active transportation. Transportation Justice – here and now – is the most important message of this report. Vast improvements in transportation will improve air quality, create jobs, increase access to economic opportunity and do more to achieve GHG reductions than any other action.

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