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Climate change and the pollution it causes can't be seen or touched, but they affect our families everyday. The thick, dirty air from cars and industries harm our environment and make us sick. From sea-level rise along our coast, to extreme heat waves and drought, the effects of climate change impact our region and our lives more each day.

To combat this, a local government strategy called a climate action plan aims to reduce pollution and protect residents from the harmful effects of climate change. We have worked for years with the City of San Diego on its climate action plan to boost local resilience to a changing climate by relying more on clean energy, reducing waste and pollution and increasing transit, walking and biking opportunities.

Climate change impacts all neighborhoods in San Diego, but does not impact all neighborhoods equally. As the effects of climate change worsen, some urban neighborhoods, such as Barrio Logan, City Heights and Old Town National City suffer significantly more. Climate change hits hardest in the neighborhoods that already struggle with polluted air, unhealthy homes, lack of transportation options and unemployment.

Our communities need the City of San Diego to commit to climate justice and prepare us for the unavoidable impacts of climate change by strengthening and approving an enforceable Climate Action Plan that achieves:

  • Transportation justice: Invests in transit, bicycling, and pedestrian infrastructure, before freeways, and in our neighborhoods first
  • Energy justice: Puts solar in our neighborhoods and makes homes and buildings energy efficient
  • Good jobs: Creates good-paying jobs for local residents
  • Climate change resilience: Protects our natural resources, wildlife, coastline, infrastructure and public health from the harmful impacts of climate change
  • Bold goals, state and local climate laws: Achieves the draft climate plan's goals to cut carbon pollution in half, use alternative transit for half of commutes, use 100 percent clean energy, increase urban forests and reduce waste

The current draft of the City of San Diego’s Climate Action Plan falls short in two major areas:

  1. It fails to prioritize neighborhoods most impacted by climate change for transportation and energy benefits, and
  2. It doesn’t do enough to reduce energy use in buildings.

Take action.

  • Sign our petition to tell our government representatives that the neighborhoods hit first and worst by climate change should be first for climate action.
  • Donate to empower EHC to fight for a Climate Action Plan that starts first in our communities.
  • Do your part at home and in your community to reduce pollution. Click here to find out how.

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