National City Residents Celebrate Local Oversight Of Community Garden 12/22/2017

Community Demands State Leaders Hold Sandag To Strict Emission Reduction Standards With SB 375 12/15/2017

Local Students To Develop New Mural For Barrio Logan 11/14/2017

Environmental Health Coalition Rejoices At New Era Of Transportation Justice As California Governor Signs Ab805 10/11/2017

National City Council Votes To Prohibit Polluting Auto Body Shop Near New Affordable Housing 8/17/2017

Environmental Health Coalition Celebrates Victory For National City 4/18/2017

Social Justice Visionaries To Receive Honors On April 20 3/29/2017

San Diego Leaders Earn Perfect Scores On Environmental Justice 2/9/2017

New Data Show San Diego’s Low-Income Communities Of Color Remain Among Most Heavily Polluted In California 2/7/2017


Quality Of Life Coalition Calls On SANDAG To Spend Tax Dollars On What Communities Need 1/25/2016

Binational Environmental Justice Champions To Be Recognized On April 14 3/22/2016

Environmental Health Coalition Celebrates Community-Driven Milestone In National City 4/14/2016

California Air Resources Board Seeks Public Comment On Climate Change Policy In Barrio Logan 6/5/2016

Community Members Urge State Leaders For Transportation Improvements To Mitigate Impacts Of Climate Change 7/14/2016

Environmental Health Coalition Says Proposed Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal Expansion Detrimental To Community 8/23/2016

New Law Ensures Local Governments Include Environmental Justice In General Plans 9/26/2016

Barrio Logan’s Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal Expansion Takes Step Toward Sustainability 12/13/2016


Environmental Health Coalition Says City Should Start Here, Start Now In San Diego’s Urban Communities 3/2/2015

Environmental Health Coalition Announces Awardees for 2015 Awards Celebration: Climate Revolución 4/13/2015

Study Analyzing Feasibility of Green Industrial Auto Body Park in National City Presented to City Council, Staff Directed to Develop Next Step 5/20/2015

Assembly Passes Two Bills To Increase Investments in Community Environmental Justice Solutions 6/2/2015

New Report: California’s Pollution Strains Economy with $254 Million in Preventable Child Healthcare Costs 6/16/2015

National City Affordable Housing Development Awarded $9.2 Million For Design That Boosts Community Health 6/30/2015

Industrial Fire in Barrio Logan Endangers Health, Safety of Residents 7/23/2015

Polluting Business in National City Reaches Phase-Out Deadline 7/28/2015

New Analysis: Equity in San Diego/Tijuana Defines Economic Growth in Region 7/29/2015

Environmental Health Coalition Launches Web-based Curriculum to Empower Leaders 8/7/2015

Polluting Auto Shop in Front of Kimball Elementary School to Relocate 8/19/2015

SANDAG Approves Plan, Locks in Harmful Future of Freeways 10/9/2015

Transit-Oriented Affordable Housing Community Breaks Ground In National City 11/17/2015

EHC Thanks Environment Committee for Incorporating Equity into Climate Action Plan 11/30/2015

Environmental Health Coalition Welcomes Two Members to Board of Directors 12/1/2015

Kresge Foundation 12-city, $8-million pledge to boost impact of low-income communities in climate resilience planning 12/10/2015

San Diego City Council Adopts Precedent-Setting Climate Action Plan with Strong Social Equity Requirements 12/15/2015


Community Outraged at State’s Proposal to Approve Pio Pico 1/6/2014

Environmental Health Coalition Given Green Light to Proceed with Lawsuit 1/31/2014

San Diego Community Devastated at State’s Approval of Pio Pico Power Plant 2/5/2014

Environmental Health Coalition Announces Awardees for its 2014 Annual Event 3/27/2014

Court Acknowledges Misrepresentation by Ship Repair Association for Barrio Logan Referendum– Denies Preliminary Injunction 4/4/2014

Community on the Move – Barrio Logan Needs Yes on B & C 5/12/2014

One-Day Art Show Highlights Fight Against Toxic Pollution in Barrio Logan 5/27/2014

Port of San Diego Responds to Community Input—Adds Environmental Justice to 50 7/8/2014

Studio Maureen, Next Door Gallery Hosts ‘Wilderness Trips’  Exhibit 7/16/2014

City Council Environment Committee Advances Resolution Urging Mayor Faulconer to Finalize Strong Climate Action Plan 7/23/2014

Premiere Video Learning Tool Gives Power Back to the Communities 7/28/2014

Fight Not Over for Barrio Logan Community Plan Update 8/4/2014

National City Makes Route to Kimball Elementary School Safer for Nearly 400 Kids 8/14/2014

Environmental Health Coalition Launches National Resource for  Lead-Free Candy 9/12/2014

City Council Approves Resolution Urging Mayor to Move on a Strong Climate Action Plan 9/22/2014

Environmental and Community Organizations Urge Mayor’s Revised Climate Action Plan to Reflect City Council’s Priorities 9/30/2014


Environmental Health Coalition Celebrates One Energy Victory, Questions Future Energy Direction 2/2/2013


EHC Honors Five Heroes in Fight for Healthy Kids 4/25/2013

Environmental Health Coalition Hires Two New Staff 5/21/2013

EHC Applauds Port of San Diego for Confronting Climate Change 6/3/2013

Barrio Logan Community Plan Update Moves to Full San Diego City Council Vote 7/11/2013

EHC Selected for Statewide Climate Change Advisory Committee 8/5/2013

New Statewide Scoring System Exposes Myriad Pollution Problems in San Diego 8/21/2013

Victory for Barrio Logan Residents—San Diego City Council Approves Alternative 1 for Community Plan Update 9/17/2013

Out-of-State, Billion-Dollar Corporations Aim to Silence San Diego Communities 10/3/2013

San Diego City Council Gives Final Approval for Barrio Logan Community Plan 10/15/2013

Barrio Logan Referendum Signature Gatherers Lying to the Public 10/22/2013

Environmental Health Coalition Says Industry-Funded Referendum Signatures Gathered Using False Information 11/1/2013

City Council Approves Removal of Two Polluters in Old Town National City 11/5/2013

Press Conference- Environmental Health Coalition to Respond to Referendum 11/14/2013

Shipyard Union Workers Hold Press Conference to Urge City Council to Take Barrio Logan Referendum to Ballot 12/16/2013

Community Says No to $1.6-Billion Pio Pico Power Plant 12/17/2013

EHC, Shipyard Union Workers Hold Press Conference to Urge City Council to Take Barrio Logan Referendum to Ballot 12/17/2013


Lead Poisoning Prevention Task Force to Receive National Achievement in Environmental Justice Award 1/31/2012

Governor's Plan to Consolidate Water Boards Could Harm Water Quality in San Diego 5/7/2012

Environmental Health Coalition to Honor Leaders of Clean Bay Campaign 5/7/2012

Environmental Health Coalition Applauds Centers for Disease Control for Acknowledging There is No Safe Lead Level 5/17/2012

Communities Demand Equity in Renewable Energy 5/31/2012

 Environmental Health Coalition Honors Leaders of San Diego Bay Victories 6/1/2012

Regional Board Denies Polluters' Request for Deadline Extension in the Planning Process for the San Diego Bay Cleanup Order 6/11/2012

Environmental Health Coalition is one of 16 innovative nonprofit organizations based in San Diego and Imperial Counties to receive unrestricted funding 6/18/2012

Senate Committee Votes 7-3 in Favor of Historic 'Solar For All' Bill 7/3/2012

Environmental Health Coalition Launches New Website 7/3/2012

Environmental Health Coalition Asks National City 7/12/2012

EHC’s Energy Education Program Provides Relief to Planet, Pockets for Households in San Diego, National City 12/10/2012

EHC's Diane Takvorian Is Featured Speaker at Today's Border 2020 Event in Tijuana 8/8/2012

Coastal Commission Unanimously Approves Historic Chula Vista Bayfront Master Plan 8/9/2012

Survey Says 72% of South San Diego Voters Willing to Pay More For Local Solar 8/24/2012

 Poll Shows San Diego's Latino Voters Hold High Regard for the Environment 10/23/2012

EHC’s Energy Education Program Provides Relief to Planet, Pockets for Households in San Diego, National City 12/10/2012


EHC representative selected to chair South Bay Wildlife Advisory Group

Local Advocate Live Tweeting from Governor's Energy/Jobs Conference

REPORT: Up to 15,000 Californians Enrolled in Green Job Training Programs Annually Investment, Expansion of Green Job Sector Key to Economic Recovery


Bayfront Coalition and Allies to Support New Chula Vista Bayfront Master Plan 5/18/10

President Obama appoints Diane Takvorian to Advisory Committee 5/13/10

South Bay Power Plant will shutdown in December 5/12/10

Community demands rerouting of diesel trucks 5/10/10


California Energy Commission denies MMC permit in Chula Vista 6/17/09

EHC demands City of Chula Vista retract MMC letter 3/17/09

Victory! MMC Power Plant Expansion Denied 1/23/09

Community marks completion of toxic Tijuana site cleanup 1/28/09

La comunidad conmemora la conclusión de la limpieza de sitio tóxico en Tijuana 28 de enero de 2009


EHC Unveils Vote NO on Prop 98 Billboard 5/28/08

Residents Protest MMC Replacement Power Plant 5/12/08

EHC Joins Community Call for Landmark Climate Change Policies in Chula Vista 4/1/08

Residents Demand a Cleaner Port - Port to vote on trucks program and $3 million for Clean Air Plan   2/28/08

EHC Says No to Chargers Stadium on Bayfront 1/22/08

Over 100 Rally for Environmental Justice - Community Protests Suggested Power Plant Location. 1/18/08


National City Residents Win City Council Support On Phase-out of Polluters. 10/30/07

Community Celebrates Long-awaited Tijuana Toxic Site Cleanup. 10/3/07             

New Law Will Place Limits on Toxic Trucks: National City Council Listens to Community Demand to Sweep Out Polluters. 4/04/07

Green Energy Options Report Released to Address San Diego Energy Future. 2/15/07

Environmental Health Coalition Leaders Celebrate Long-Awaited Funding of Barrio Logan Plan. 1/31/07

EHC Director Appointed to Landmark Greenhouse Gas Reductions Advisory Committee. 1/29/07


Clean Bay Campaign

South Bay Officials Urge Deferral of Port Lease on Bayfront Power Plant: Commit to Clean Energy Solutions. 11/28/06

Coalition Gathers to Raise Awareness of Fish Warning Signs. 9/05/06

Report Reveals Hazards of Power Plant Pollution. 3/27/06

Border Environmental Justice Campaign

Government funds Tijuana toxic site final cleanup. 12/04/2006

Chilpancingo residents' health at risk from toxic smoke. 2/09/06

Campaign to Eliminate Childhood Lead Poisoning

National City Council Gives Thumbs Up to Healthy Homes. 7/19/06

Landmark Settlement Protects Children from Lead-Candy Risks. 6/30/06

Convenio histórico protege a los niños de los riesgos por plomo en dulces. 6/30/06

Toxic Free Neighborhoods Campaign

California Environmental Justice Groups Oppose Proposition 1B. 10/16/06

Barrion Logan at a Crossroads: Residents Want Affordable Housing and Supermercado at Mercado Project Site. 9/7/06

Unanimous Vote!: National City Victory for Toxic-Free Future. 8/2/06


Clean Bay Campaign 

Utilities Commission Affirms Community Choice in San Diego County. 12/19/05

Regional Board caves in to polluters' tactics. 06/29/05

Border Environmental Justice Campaign Protesters urge Congresswoman Susan Davis to reject CAFTA. 05/05/05

Contaminated Catch - A Risk for Bay Fisher Families State Leaders Ortiz and Saldaña. Join EHC in urging Regional Water Board action. 03/04/05

Campaign to Eliminate Childhood Lead Poisoning

Governor Signs EHC's Bill To Protect Children From Lead in Candy. 10/08/05

AB121, "Lead in Candy" bill awaits Governor's signature. 09/08/05

National City Old Town residents ready to reclaim their community. 08/31/05

Toxic Free Neighborhoods Campaign

EHC Opposes Approval of Ballpark Village. 10/18/05


Clean Bay Campaign 

Power Plant Stalemate ends. SBPP will have to meet stringent standards 11/11/04

EHC demands an end to deadly power 9/08/04

EHC and a broad coalition of labor, community, environmental groups urge analysis of Bayfront Plan 5/25/04

Border Environmental Justice Campaign

EHC report documents NAFTA impacts on border region; Congressman Bob Filner joins EHC at rally for fair trade 10/18/04

With cleanup in sight, community celebrates: Community's demands for public participation and toxic cleanup are met 6/24/04

Campaign to Eliminate Childhood Lead Poisoning

Tainted Candy Proves to be Scarier than Ghost and Ghouls 10/25/04

Vargas kills bill to protect children's health 8/27/04

EHC applauds Attorney General's suit against manufacturers of lead-contaminated candy 7/9/04

Corporate greed wins over children's health in Sacramento— Children continue to be poisoned by lead in candy due to failure of bill: EHC vows to continue fight with Prop. 65 lawsuit 7/1/04

Assemblymember Lou Correa calls for an investigation on lead content in candies from Mexico and why consumers are not notified of the lead levels 5/21/04

Toxic Free Neighborhoods Campaign Looking towards the future: EHC, Barrio Logan residents kickoff community visioning process with City of San Diego officials 2/19/04