Last month, community members joined us for a walking tour through Old Town National City. Together, we saw firsthand the problems our neighborhood faces and celebrated the progress we're making to find solutions.

We visited the construction site of affordable Paradise Creek apartments near a transit stop and a beautiful park. We walked the improved route to Kimball Elementary School, which has new safety features and no longer neighbors polluting industries across the street.

9 Discussion of New Stop Signs and Extended Side Walks

13 Group Photo in Front of Kimball Elementary

16 Discussion of New Street Light Posts and Speed Bumps

23 Remediated State of Safe and Clean Paradise Creek

19 Paradise Creek Walking Path Construction

30 Group Photo in Amphitheater

18 Paradise Creek Observation

5 Discussion of Paradise Creek Affordable Housing Apartments

Thank you for joining us to make National City a beautiful, safe and healthy place we're proud to call our home.

Click here to see more photos of the inspiring community tour.