In December 2018, San Diego City Council adopted an EHC-supported resolution that directs heavy-duty diesel trucks to use Harbor Drive as the designated truck route to avoid passing through Barrio Logan residential areas and accessing the freeways.

Enforcement is the key to ensuring that heavy-duty trucks do not pollute streets where people live, learn and play.

EHC applauds the City of San Diego for posting new truck route signs on Harbor Drive, as well as signs that identify Barrio Logan streets where trucks are now prohibited. We urge the city to continue implementing the resolution with enhanced police enforcement, community input, and a full audit of older, faded truck signs.

The San Diego Police department welcomes community input and feedback on the new truck signs and route enforcement efforts at their monthly meetings:

Central Division Community Meetings

Captains Advisory Board Meetings
Meetings are held at 6PM every 4th Thurday.

2501 Imperial Avenue
San Diego, CA 92102

BL Truck Signs 02 Small

Wayfinding signs on Harbor Drive and 32nd Street signaling freeway access outside of the core of Barrio Logan


BL Truck Signs 01 Small

 Wayfinding signs on Harbor Drive along the truck route. These signs are larger and easily visible by truck operators.


BL Truck Signs 03 Small

Wayfinding sign on Cesar Chavez and Harbor Drive signaling the truck route for trucks leaving the Port of San Diego.

We recently celebrated a major victory for clean air and public health in Barrio Logan. We applaud the City of San Diego Environment Committee, led by David Alvarez, for unanimously passing the Barrio Logan Clean Air and Safe Streets Ordinance.

As it moves through the city review process, allow us to expain to you how this ordinance came to be and why it matters to our community.

barrio live EHC

A Summary: 

The presence of heavy-duty truck traffic in Barrio Logan has become commonplace in our community and has negatively affected our quality of life for many years. Perkins Elementary School, for example, faces daily exposure to harmful air emissions from diesel trucks, noise and safety concerns. 

EHC recommends adoption of the Barrio Logan Clean Air and Safe Streets Ordinance to ensure that Barrio Logan residents can live, work and play in a safe environment.

Current Conditions:

Current policy to address heavy-duty vehicle traffic in Barrio Logan has been helpful but now warrants an update. Right now, the policy does not prohibit truck traffic on all of the streets necessary, especially near schools, senior residential living centers, and residential uses, nor does it address enforcement through fines and/or penalties. Our community has understood the need to amend this in order to mitigate the ever-increasing volume of heavy-duty vehicle traffic in the region. 

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Community Research: 

Boston Avenue between 28th and 32nd Street is zoned as exclusively residential and is the only such zone in Barrio Logan. Residents of Boston Avenue participated in community research by conducting truck surveys, which yielded striking results -- including the documentation of up to 59 heavy-duty vehicles within a two-hour period.

The community research demonstrates the different sources of heavy-duty vehicles entering and exiting through Barrio Logan. Air samples taken during these surveys also indicate spikes in ultra-fine particulate matter -- a chemical found in diesel exhaust that is linked to serious health effects -- as trucks drove by the survey area.

Key Findings from other Port Cities:

  • Oakland, Long Beach, and Los Angeles establish truck routes in their municipal codes
  • These cities also include an extensive list of prohibited streets
  • Truck routes maps are readily available via city website (interactive maps, pdf, etc.)

A Barrio Logan of Freeways

EHC Recommends:

The Barrio Logan Clean Air and Safe Streets Ordinance will provide ways to mitigate the impacts of diesel exhaust in and around our community, making it a healthier and safer neighborhood for all people to live, work and play.

Trucks serving local businesses are excluded from these recommendations:

  • Creation and implementation of a truck route in Barrio Logan
  • Amendment of the Commercial Vehicle Prohibition Resolution to include all streets not on the truck route
  • Clear path for enforcement including fines and penalties for those violating the truck route

For questions regarding the Barrio Logan Clean Air and Safe Streets Ordinance, please contact Jerry at Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.

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On October 19, 32 participants joined our BarrioLive! tour of Barrio Logan to highlight the environmental justice work we have collectively done. The tour explored past victories as well as the current challenges found in our community, giving guests the opportunity to learn about the issues in Barrio Logan and the more than thirty-year history of EHC's work in the community. Our guests learned about our dedicated Community Action Team Members who have been advocating for ways to improve the health of our community and heard directly from our community leaders about the work that they do to for environmental justice in our neighborhoods.22496131 10155276387313640 6613728183959103081 o

After the tour, EHC hosted more than 70 people for our mixer, including long time donors and new faces, as well as partners and sponsors Barrio Logan College Institute, San Diego Convention Center, Border X Brewing, and SD Green Drinks. City Councilmember David Alvarez  joined us and awarded a proclamation to long-time community leader Maria Martinez, while her son, Panchito Martinez spoke about his experience growing up in Barrio Logan -- bringing his perspective as a second generation environmental justice advocate. The meaningful relationships we have been able to nurture throughout the years continue to ignite our organization’s passion for this important work. Thank you for being invested in building #healthyhoods -- and we'll see you on the next BarrioLive! 


Barrio Logan is at a crossroads.

Our neighborhood has come far in the fight for environmental justice, yet we remain threatened by industrial pollution and resident displacement. By joining our BarrioLive! tour and making a contribution, you join us in our mission for a safe and healthy neighborhood.

What is BarrioLive?
Our guided neighborhood tour highlights the spirit and struggles of environmental justice in our community. You’ll meet residents and learn about the history, victories and challenges of Barrio Logan, such as:

  • The shutdown of Master Plating
  • The creation of the Chicano Community Herb Garden and Mural
  • The transition of the Port’s Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal to non-polluting freight technology
  • The impacts of discriminatory land use and zoning on the community

When is BarrioLive?
Join us on October 19 for the BarrioLive! Tour followed by a community mixer.

Tour: The tour will begin at 3:30 p.m. at Border X Brewing (2181 Logan Ave, 92113). Parking is tight in this area, but there is a parking lot in Chicano Park, just two blocks away. The tour includes a walking component of close to 20 minutes, so please wear comfortable shoes.

Mixer: The mixer will begin immediately following the tour, going form 5:30-7 p.m. at Border X Brewing. Guests can expect to enjoy vegetarian tacos, small snacks, beer and wine. There is a suggested contribution is $10/person for non-tour guests, and live music will play after 7 p.m. for guests who wish to stay longer. Thank you San Diego Green Drinks for partnering with us for our mixer.

Want to experience our BarrioLive! tour?
Seats are limited and go quickly, so please click here to reserve yours before we sell out.

Tickets are $100 and include the tour, tour packet, EHC water bottle, snacks, mixer admission and food and beverages. Your contribution directly supports our work to build a healthier Barrio Logan from the ground up.

For more information or interest in sponsorship, contact Giuliana Schroeder at 619.773.2132 Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo..
We hope you can join us.

At a community meeting in City Heights, we listened as residents expressed how they feel watching our neighborhoods change and rents rise.

“We’re seeing families who have lived here for a long time spend most of their income on rent, without much left for other essentials,” says EHC Associate Director of Policy Carolina Martinez. “We’re finally seeing improvements in City Heights after decades of people going to City Hall to request infrastructure improvements. Unfortunately, the people who will enjoy it are not the people who have been fighting for it for so long.”

One of those leaders fighting against displacement in City Heights is Maria Esparanza.

“I’ve lived in City Heights for 44 years, but we were forced to move when they put a strip mall where my home was,” says Maria. “I’m asking myself if its good or bad, because the community looks good, but they’ve displaced the people who live here.”

To learn more about how to get involved in City Heights, click here.