Meet the Built Environment Team.

EHC, in partnership with City Heights Community Development Corporation, International Rescue Committee and Proyecto de Casas Saludables, joined forces five years ago to develop an advocacy curriculum, identify advocacy priorities and develop strategies to meet the needs of City Heights residents.

The Built Environment Team was created to work with residents to develop the community driven action plan. This multi-year plan empowers local residents to be central leaders for change with the support of community organizations and existing leaders. Today, EHC continues to collaborate and co-facilitate the progress of the grassroots group.

EHC BET Justice copy

Over the past five years, EHC has collaborated with BET to accomplish key victories, including:

Through this leadership, we’ve established our community members as local leaders on mobility issues in City Heights.

Every week, diverse groups come together to advocate for justice in their neighborhood. They hold regular meetings to discuss important local issues in English, Spanish, Karen and Vietnamese.

Community members like Tunn, pictured below, step up to lead EHC’s community action teams. Tunn invites volunteers into his home for meetings and he writes poetry to raise awareness about causes that matter to his neighborhood.

BET Tunn Community Leader copy

We’re proud to see the Built Environment Team grow because we know community change starts with local leadership.

To get involved with the Built Environment Team, please contact us at 619-474-0220.