Freight1Clean air is a human right. And right now is a key time to make sure our state’s leaders make a decision with that fact in mind.

California’s trucks, trains and ships emit a tremendous amount of pollution into the air we breathe, robbing us of our health (especially the health of children) and contributing significantly to climate change. But we can change all of this for the better with just one signature.

Freight3The California Air Resources Board has developed a strategy that shifts what our trucks, trains and ships use to a much cleaner and much healthier system so we can breathe easier -- literally. Now, we need to show our support.

We need your help to tell California how much we need clean air. Join EHC and clean air avocates around the state in urging California to adopt a strong policy that shifts trucks, trains and ships away from pollution and creates #healthyhoods for us all.

Please sign the petition now!