First Nations Day of Resilience 

As an organization rooted in the civil rights movement, we cannot support racist and oppressive traditions. Our staff, community members, and board of directors reflected deeply on the traditional “holiday” of Thanksgiving and found that it does  not fit with our values – equity, justice, and empowering communities. It marks just the opposite. Thanksgiving marks the beginning of a violent history of oppression of the First Nations and countless acts of injustices against them by European colonizers.

Instead, this Thursday, November 25, 2021, EHC will observe First Nations Day of Resilience. Moving forward, on the fourth Thursday of every November, we will observe this day as a reminder of our commitment to environmental justice principles, decolonization, and recognition of the work and history of the Kumeyaay in the San Diego and Tijuana region. Our region is occupied and unceded Kumeyaay territory that spans across geographical borders of what is currently recognized as the United States and Mexico.

On this Thursday, November 25, 2021, we invite you to observe First Nations Day of Resilience with us to honor the Kumeyaay, reflect on our country’s long history of colonization and oppression, and consider how we can work towards decolonization and justice.


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