My name is Georgette Gomez.

While many of you may know me as your Councilwoman Elect for District 9, here are a few things you may not know about me.


I grew up in Barrio Logan.
The culture and the community shaped me into a person passionate about everyone’s right to a healthy community.

I started working at Environmental Health Coalition 13 years ago.
During that time, I have seen hundreds of my friends and neighbors graduate from SALTA, EHC’s leadership training program. I even participated in and facilitated SALTA myself.

Barrio Logan

SALTA taught me that leadership comes in all forms and is essential to our communities.
The parents next door who raise their voice about toxic pollution are just as much leaders as city councilmembers. Every person has a story to tell and an individual path to making change. SALTA ignites the power that already exists within them.

herb garden 4

I believe in a future of leaders united for justice.
Right now, you can help EHC build a generation of community leaders committed to healthy, safe and toxic-free neighborhoods.

Donate to EHC today and invest in our future.