My name is Leticia Ayala.

Twenty-one years ago, I graduated from college and moved to San Diego in search of a job that would allow me to serve the Latino community. I found EHC where I discovered my life’s passion of bringing health and smiles to children and their families.


I was one of the first SALTA graduates.
Hungry to learn more about EHC’s work, I joined SALTA, EHC’s leadership development program. Little did I know that I would become the coordinator of the program a few years later.


In 20 years, I’ve seen thousands of SALTA graduates reclaim the word “leader.”
Through SALTA, community members learn that you can take action to make your community a healthier place – with or without a title.

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I speak on behalf of past and future SALTA graduates when I say thank you for your contribution to our movement that empowers leaders.