EHC Update March 14, 2012
- EHC News: Regional Board Orders Cleanup for San Diego Bay

EHC Update February 3, 2012
- EHC Media Coverage: EPA presents Environmental Justice Award to EHC


EHC Action Alert December 9, 2011
- Take Action: Attend Climate Change Hearing

EHC Action Alert December 8, 2011
- Take Action: Oppose SDG&E Solar Rate Hike

EHC Action Alert November 25, 2011
- Take Action: Attend Climate Mitigation and Action Plan Hearings

EHC News and Updates November 7, 2011
- Take Action: Tell the Regional Board that you want a Clean San Diego Bay NOW!

EHC News and Updates October 26, 2011
- Take Action: Tell Senate to stop putting kids at risk - Don't cut funding to CDC's Healthy Homes and Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
- Victory: Semi-trucks banned near schools in Colonia Chilpancingo

EHC News and Updates October 25, 2011
- Take Action: Say NO to SANDAG's 2050 Regional Transportation Plan
- EHC Commentary: Transit First is a Better Plan, San Diego Union-Tribune, October 23, 2011

EHC News and Updates October 17, 2011
- EHC Media Coverage: My San Diego: Neglected communities deserve a chance to thrive, Commentary by Diane Takvorian, San Diego Union-Tribune, October 16, 2011

EHC News and Updates October 13, 2011
- Take Action: Take action today for a Cleaner San Diego Bay
- EHC Media Coverage: Energy: Solar Community Organizes Against SDG&E's Proposed rates, North County Times, October 12, 2011
- Take Action: Attend the San Diego Mayoral Forum on October 19

EHC News and Updates October 6, 2011
- News: State Attorney General rips San Diego pollution reduction plan
- News: EHC representative selected to chair the South Bay Wildlife Advisory Committee

EHC News and Updates September 16, 2011
- Take Action: Attend Politifest 2011 on September 27
- News: Going Solar in San Diego
- News: Energy Upgrades for San Diego homeowners

EHC News and Updates September 2, 2011
- EHC Media Coverage: In the Shadow of San Diego, The Progressive Magazine, September 2011
- EHC Media Coverage: Toxins troubling in fish caught in local waters, The San Diego Union-Tribune, August 14, 2011
- EHC Media Coverage: Maquiladora Factories Manufacture Toxic Pollutants, Inter Press Service, August 23, 2011

EHC News and Updates August 8, 2011
- Take Action: Attend "Signs of the Tide" forum, August 9, 2011
- EHC Media Coverage: EHC and SD Coastkeeper join KPBS Midday Edition to talk about sediment cleanup and environmental justice

EHC News and Updates July 29, 2011
- News: Diane Takvorian named to San Diego Union-Tribune Community Editorial Board
- News: San Diego Councilmembers Young and Alvarez join EHC and Environment California for green jobs report release

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