Do you want the Port of San Diego to STOP Polluting Our Air

The Port of San Diego pollutes the air we breathe.

Every day heavy-duty trucks charge through our neighborhoods driving to and from the Port polluting our air with diesel particulate matter. It is not just the trucks. Ships, forklifts, welding, painting, and more spew diesel pollution and other toxins into our air.

Diesel pollution causes cancer and premature death due to chronic heart and lung disease - like asthma. In 2018, chronic diseases like these caused 53% of deaths in South San Diego. It is also no surprise that the children in our neighborhoods have more than double the rate of asthma emergency room visits than the rest of San Diego County. 


Take action today! Sign the Petition.

Joining your neighbors and Environmental Health Coalition in calling on the Port of San Diego to stop polluting the air we breathe and be a good neighbor. Sign the petition to ask the Port to put our health first and commit to these goals in the Maritime Clean Air Strategy:

  1. Decrease the risk of cancer by reducing the diesel particulate matter and toxic air contaminants generated by the Port and their tenants.
  2. Require 100% Zero-Emission Trucks (ZEV) at the Port 5 years ahead of California rules or by 2030. Adopt a Clean Trucks Program by the end of 2021 with a plan to transition to 30% ZEV by 2023 and 100% ZEV by 2030.
  3. Install ZEV Charging Stations with four sites operational by January 2024.
  4. Ensure MCAS success by including metrics, new funding, and trucker assistance 
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