The Barrio Logan community plan is long overdue for an update! The 1978 community plan was made without community voices, so Logan residents are surrounded by pollution that's making them sick. When polluting industry is permitted to be built too close to residential areas, it causes serious health problems like lung cancer and asthma (kids and seniors are especially vulnerable). 

Barrio Logan finally has another chance to pass a community plan that protects their health, air quality, and values! 

The community has expressed that they need: 

· A buffer zone in between industrial and residential areas of the neighborhood 

· More green spaces and tree canopy 

· Improved opportunities for affordable housing 

· Community culture and history preserved 

· Protection for the Logan art district so artists aren't priced out of their spaces 

· More areas zoned to allow for educational and recreational uses (i.e. K-12 after school programs) 

· More walkability and increased opportunities for safe, accessible public transportation 

Take action today! Sign this petition to tell the Barrio Logan planning group and the City of San Diego to protect Barrio Logan community members’ health, support the community’s priorities, and adopt the new community plan without any concessions to industrial or developer interests.

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