Environmental Health Coalition engaged in an intensive strategic planning process with staff, board members, and community leaders that resulted in a ten-year vision.

This plan, Building Power to Win: Strategic Vision 2008-2018, provides an overview of EHC's major victories and introduces our approaches to community organizing, policy advocacy, leader empowerment, and organizational sustainability.

The dynamics of poverty, institutionalized racism and unresponsive governmental policies intersect and increase the severity of these issues in our communities. The lack of power and resources are a challenge for engaging in public policy decision-making. EHC has repeatedly met that challenge by building community and organizational power.

Community power comes from empowering the people who bear the impact and providing them with the skills, resources and information they need to win justice in their communities.

Organizational power comes from a talented, dedicated and persistent staff and board of directors, who bring a diversity of expertise and experience.

Power also requires resources--funding is essential. From the $5 contribution to the $50,000 grant, we efficiently spend every dollar to improve lives, and we deeply appreciate the support.