• Organization requests city publicly release original election results
  • Community committed to even bigger turnout on April 18 

April 9, 2018, SAN DIEGO, CA -- Last week, the Barrio Logan Community Group voted 7-4 to nullify votes from its initial election on March 21 and schedule a re-election for Wednesday, April 18. Environmental Health Coalition (EHC), an organization fighting for social and environmental justice in the region’s low-income communities of color for more than 38 years, says a re-election is unwarranted, not supported by city policy and ultimately unfair to the community members who already voted. Now, the organization has requested that the city release results from the original election.

“This disappointing decision stifles the voices of a community that has long fought to be heard,” says EHC Executive Director Diane Takvorian.

On March 21, 2018, dozens of Barrio Logan residents cast ballots to elect the newest members of the neighborhood group responsible for guiding major neighborhood decisions and processes. EHC maintains that its efforts to support civic engagement were in compliance with city policy and the Barrio Logan Community Planning Group bylaws, despite criticism from planning group members.

Now, EHC plans to encourage as many community members as possible to attend the April 18 election.

“This isn’t about EHC,” says Takvorian. “This is about ensuring that the people of Barrio Logan shape the future of Barrio Logan, and that’s exactly what we hope will happen on April 18.”

For more information on EHC and its efforts to reduce pollution and bring justice to Barrio Logan, please visit www.environmentalhealth.org.


ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH COALITION: Founded in 1980, Environmental Health Coalition (EHC) builds grassroots campaigns to confront the unjust consequences of toxic pollution, discriminatory land use and unsustainable energy policies. Visit online at http://www.environmentalhealth.org.