Featuring EHC's Barrio Logan Policy Advocate, Julie Corrales

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El censo de población continúa. La emergencia sanitaria por el covid-19 ha dificultado su promoción tradicional por lo que autoridades y asociaciones civiles se vieron forzadas a cambiar su estrategia para garantizar que las comunidades sean contadas de forma correcta.

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Port commissioners axed a proposed ship repair project in National City last month. But that doesn’t satisfy environmental justice advocates who say any new industry in the bay upends nascent state efforts to stem toxic pollution in nearby neighborhoods.

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San Diegan’s living in neighborhoods near the border and the waterfront’s industrial areas face persistent pollution-related health risks and while pollution is down the risk remains high.

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Hear EHC's Jorge Gonzales talk about the 2020 Census, and how digital technologies are playing a critical role this year (7:21 - 15:09).

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