For 35 years, our communities have cultivated environmental justice and social change. After an incredible 35 years of striving for #healthyhoods, our neighborhoods are safer and healthier places to live, work and play.

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This year we celebrate 35 years of victories, including our most recent wins in Tijuana, National City and City Heights.

We feel gratitude for every community member who took action and took a stand to make our neighborhoods healthier. For our 35th anniversary, we celebrate you.

To us, 35 years of environmental justice and your work means:

Giuliana 1 cropped“I feel proud to be a part of such an incredible environmental justice organization. 35 years of EHC means a time to celebrate our healthier communities and our protected natural environment. It’s time to celebrate the amazing support of our community members who look out for neighborhoods in need and work to make change happen.” 

- Giuliana Schroeder, development director


Franco Garcia“35 years of residents fighting back to reduce the toxic pollution that affects their health and lives every day. That’s powerful. That’s profound.” 

- Franco Garcia, organizing director




Jamie Ortiz image"EHC is nothing without the brave, responsible community members who stand up for what is right. We're celebrating 35 years of community members working day after day to build healthier places to work and play." 

- Jamie Hampton, communications consultant



While we celebrate 35 years of environmental justice and social change, we're also excited about our communities' visions for an even better future. Make sure you're a part of our next environmental justice win by becoming a member and staying involved