Homepage rotator transportation justice freeways can waitWe all need to move. How we get from place to place is deeply connected to our quality of life. Unfortunately, not all communities have the same access to healthy, safe, reliable and affordable transportation options, such as public transit and biking and walking paths. That means some people don't have access to the same quality of life, just because of where they live. Transportation justice is the equal access of all people to the transportation they need for a better quality of life.

Start Here. Start Now.
How we move matters, but not all communities have the same access to healthy and safe transportation options.

Public transit in communities south of the I-8 is often unaffordable, inaccessible and inconvenient. For those that don’t travel by car, a trip to the grocery store may require an hour walk on an unsafe sidewalk. Work commutes can be up to two hours longer by transit than they are by car. Improvements in transportation infrastructure must be prioritized for the people that need them most. It’s time that we demand transportation justice.

Transportation Justice Means:

  • Accessibility – Better and more abundant transportation options and increased affordability give community member's greater access to goods, jobs, housing and services.
  • Increased public health and safety – Pollution, along with pedestrian and bicyclist collisions with cars, are reduced through improved infrastructure.
  • Equity in investment and benefits – Investment in transportation for historically underserved communities creates an equal distribution of transportation benefits for all San Diegans.

Complete Streets
Transportation justice begins by transforming streets and public space into safe places to walk, bike and take advantage of comprehensive mass transit and drive. The Complete Streets program encourages the creation of streets not just built for cars, but for all modes of transportation. The program also promotes roundabouts to slow traffic, wide sidewalks to encourage walking and protected bike lanes to separate bicyclists from traffic and streetlights.

Get involved to make your voice heard and ensure transportation justice for all. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today: (619) 474-0220.