When we speak in unison, we stay strong, and our communities cannot be ignored. To make election day easy on November 8, we’ve put together this voting guide to highlight the most important propositions for justice in our neighborhoods.

voter empowerment

No on Measure A: Protect our children’s health

Say no to a deceptive 40-year tax increase that pays for freeway expansion and air pollution.

No on Measure C: No Downtown Stadium

Say no to a $1 billion tax dollar giveaway. Put our neighborhoods first!

No on Measure D: Protect Our Neighborhoods

Say no to a stadium or convention center on top of residential neighborhoods.

Yes on K: Restore Democracy

Vote yes to prevent insiders from controlling City Hall. Voters should choose their city representatives from the top two vote getters.

Yes on L: Full Voter Participation

Vote yes to allow San Diego voters to decide on propositions in November, when most people vote.

Pledge to use your voice, and your vote, on November 8, 2016.

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Learn more about EHC's voter empowerment efforts and how to use your voice for justice on election day.