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At a press conference on Thursday, February 12, Mexican government leaders recognized a joint government and community group as the official advisory committee for preserving an important part of the Tijuana River ecosystem known as Arroyo Alamar. This group, the Mesa Tecnica, watched the deterioration of their river when the same government paved nearly 75 percent of it between 2011 and 2014. The channelization displaced thousands of families, destroyed ecosystems and left only three kilometers untouched. This space currently houses a lush forest with wildlife and homes for industry workers in Tijuana.

Now, we are finally part of the solution.

With the Mesa Tecnica in charge of preserving the remaining three kilometers of Arroyo Alamar, the community can work to conserve its quality of life, wildlife and precious natural space along the river.

This is a milestone for a variety of reasons:

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It took years of work to get here.

We have worked since 2011 for this type of agreement. With 70 percent of the Arroyo Alamar paved, we were able to protect the three kilometers with the densest vegetation and most biodiversity.

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Now government leaders have acknowledged the importance of community involvement.

At the ceremony to announce the community and government partnership, Director General of the Cuenca Agency (CNA) acknowledged that this community involvement “is unprecedented,” meaning the government has never before had community members involved in government land-use decisions. He continued to say that he hopes the partnership offers "broad guarantees of sustainability and environmental stewardship." You can watch his statement in Spanish here

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We’ve inspired a hopeful future for Arroyo Alamar.

Moving forward, we have built a rare opportunity for the people who treasure Arroyo Alamar, on both sides of the border, to work together with the local government for a solution that preserves natural space and quality of life along the river.

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