This morning I had the pleasure of joining doctors, nurses and healthcare advocates at the UCSD Medical Center to publicly announce their endorsement of the Yes on B & C campaign to protect children's health in San Diego and uphold the Barrio Logan community plan update. 

press conference 1

In the first public media appearance by the campaign, the healthcare professionals reflected on Earth Day and the environmental health effects of polluting businesses next to schools, playgrounds and residences that threaten environmental health and justice in San Diego.

I had the chance to speak, announcing that kids in Barrio Logan have the same right to clean air and healthy neighborhoods as every other community in San Diego and the entire city should support Propositions B & C - to protect all of our childrens' health. 

For those of you who may not know, children and families have felt the effects of poor land-use policies since the Barrio Logan communtiy plan was last updated in 1978 and this update gives the community a new chance at having healthy communities by desgnating specific zones for homes, business and industry. This morning's attendees all agreed that the current, incompatible and polluting land-use policies in Barrio Logan must be changed to reverse the trend of unhealthy air causing high asthma rates among our kids.

"The asthma trends affecting Barrio Logan's children are clearly documented," said Dr. Martin Stein, MD Pediatrician. "If Yes on B & C and Barrio Logan's plan isn't upheld, the families there will continue to suffer from a lack of healthy air that sends kids to emergency rooms three times as often as the rest of our county."

press conference 4Barrio Logan is one of many communities in San Diego working on updating outdated community plans to improve neighborhood health, economic development and overall quality of life. There is concern that if Propositions B & C are defeated and the Barrio Logan Plan is repealed, a dangerous precedent could be set, threatening community planning and healthy neighborhoods across the city.

"This isn't a just a threat to Barrio Logan," said Michael Jackson, RN, UCSD Medical Center ER nurse. "If B & C don't pass, we could see children's health in peril all over San Diego."

Voting "Yes" on B & C will uphold the community's plan to keep toxics, pollutants, carcinogens, and flammable chemicals, a safe distance away from schools, playgrounds and homes and increases jobs in our city. Protect our children's health and vote "Yes" on B & C! To learn more, visit

Thank you for your continued support for children's healh and Barrio Logan's right to toxic-free air.  

- Georgette Gomez