If I had to summarize the SALTA 20-Year Reunion in three words, I would say empowered, united and ready.

The energy at the reunion was powerful. I saw some old and some new SALTA graduates from so many different pockets of our communities. Every person felt engaged in what SALTA has taught us and wanted to share how it helped each of us to develop the leadership tools and refine the qualities we already possessed to become effective leaders. 

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SALTA Community Leaders

I'm of the opinion that SALTA doesn't make leaders --  instead, it helps those of us that are leaders realize what we have within us to create change. It teaches us how to take the appropriate action and gives us the platform to get started. 

Because of SALTA, I feel empowered to lead my community of City Heights toward a happier, healthier and safer future. In doing so, I know I'm not alone, and others like me walk beside me in the fight for environmental justice.


Roddy Jerome

City Heights Resident

EHC Board Member

My name is Georgette Gomez.

While many of you may know me as your Councilwoman Elect for District 9, here are a few things you may not know about me.


I grew up in Barrio Logan.
The culture and the community shaped me into a person passionate about everyone’s right to a healthy community.

I started working at Environmental Health Coalition 13 years ago.
During that time, I have seen hundreds of my friends and neighbors graduate from SALTA, EHC’s leadership training program. I even participated in and facilitated SALTA myself.

Barrio Logan

SALTA taught me that leadership comes in all forms and is essential to our communities.
The parents next door who raise their voice about toxic pollution are just as much leaders as city councilmembers. Every person has a story to tell and an individual path to making change. SALTA ignites the power that already exists within them.

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I believe in a future of leaders united for justice.
Right now, you can help EHC build a generation of community leaders committed to healthy, safe and toxic-free neighborhoods.

Donate to EHC today and invest in our future.

My name is Leticia Ayala.

Twenty-one years ago, I graduated from college and moved to San Diego in search of a job that would allow me to serve the Latino community. I found EHC where I discovered my life’s passion of bringing health and smiles to children and their families.


I was one of the first SALTA graduates.
Hungry to learn more about EHC’s work, I joined SALTA, EHC’s leadership development program. Little did I know that I would become the coordinator of the program a few years later.


In 20 years, I’ve seen thousands of SALTA graduates reclaim the word “leader.”
Through SALTA, community members learn that you can take action to make your community a healthier place – with or without a title.

Please donate today.

I speak on behalf of past and future SALTA graduates when I say thank you for your contribution to our movement that empowers leaders.

My name is Carolina Gamez and I am 22 years old.

My neighborhood, Colonia Chilpancingo in Tijuana, has struggled with high levels of air pollution for as long as I can remember.

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SALTA, EHC's leadership development program, helped me realize the power of my own voice.
I joined SALTA to learn about the environmental issues in my community, but I got so much more than I bargained for. I found out that all of the inspiring leaders I met had started just like me – as concerned residents looking for change and willing to do the hard work.

Will you empower leaders like me?
SALTA taught me that every good leader listens to the needs and opinions of the people they lead. Your donation shows that you support us and helps us bring environmental justice to us all.


My name is Bea Barraza.

I joined EHC 31 years ago for the same reason that I'm still involved today - we lift up leaders. When we make leadership our foundational element, we build a movement with lasting impact.

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We started SALTA to bring leaders to life.

First, we mobilized leaders to tackle household toxics - everyday items that make families sick. Then we targeted public health issues, such as air pollution, with one goal in mind: empower community leaders to stand for their neighborhoods. It worked.

We built a sea of EHC teal.

We were showing up to city council meetings, protests and conferences with droves of community leaders taking leadership into their own hands. I remember looking at the crowd - a unified sea of courageous leaders wearing EHC's teal-colored shirts. It was, and still is, breathtaking.

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We're not done yet.

Your donation empowers EHC to continue building on its foundation of leadership. When you give, you tell our community members that leadership starts in our communities, and that their voice can make justice a reality.