The City of San Diego adopted a Climate Protection Action Plan in 2005 with the goal of achieving at least a 15% CO2 reduction through energy efficiency, renewable energy, and cleaner fuels while expanding the participation and engagement of the community.  The plan primarily focused on the city's operations.

A 2011 Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Plan is currently in development. This will expand the focus to the community and begin to evaluate vulnerabilities in the community that may result from climate change. In 2010, the San Diego City Council appointed members to the Environmental and Economic Sustainability Task Force to advise the city on the development of its Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Plan. The council appointed EHC's director of Green Energy/Green Jobs Campaign, Nicole Capretz, to the task force.

City officials are currently reviewing the draft plan, and we encourage all San Diegans to participate in community hearings to encourage their city councilperson to support a plan that:

  • Accomplishes the state's 2020 and 2050 emissions reduction goals
  • Protects community health
  • Increases locally-produced, decentralized green energy
  • Requires energy efficiency in new and existing buildings
  • Creates local green jobs
  • Builds a sustainable future

EHC also worked to ensure that the funds the City of San Diego received from the {tip federal stimulus package::American Recovery and Reinvestment Act or ARRA}federal stimulus package{/tip} in 2009 benefited all San Diegans, including allocation of $250,000 to update the 2005 Climate Action Plan.