Sign to Protect Our Kids from Lead in Water

Lead poisoning is the number one environmental health threat to children, and also considered the most preventable. With grassroots advocacy, increased public knowledge and statewide regulation, EHC and partners stopped lead contamination in candies. Now, we support a statewide bill that monitors school water for levels of lead (AB 746). 

This bill would become a public health victory for our communities by:

  • Ensuring that schools prevent lead in drinking water
  • Protecting children and staff in schools from the health consequences of lead contamination
  • Requiring all public schools to annually test drinking water for lead
  • Standardizing the practice for local educational agencies to notify parents/guardians about lead contamination and shut down the source of lead when it’s identified

If you believe that one child with lead poisoning is too many, please sign this letter and share on social media to tell our elected officials that now is the time to support AB 746. 

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