We Deserve Better From SANDAG

Community members traveled more than 500 miles to deliver testimony that advocated for a 25 percent reduction in SANDAG’s current emissions by the year 2035.

Local Students To Develop New Mural For Barrio Logan

The community describes the soon-to-be mural as an empowering memoir of past visionaries mixed with its vision for the future of the neighborhood.

Standing Up To Hate

We know that to combat hate, we have to build long-lasting, sustainable people-powered movements. Please join us.

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San Diego City Council approved a precedent setting climate action plan, making San Diego the first city in California to incorporate the statewide tool, CalEnviroScreen, in its plan to mitigate local impacts of climate change. CalEnviroScreen, the first comprehensive screening system identifying California communities most impacted by pollution, will be used in San Diego to direct investment and benefits to those San Diego neighborhoods that need it the most.

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Our community members are advocating for an ambitious scoping plan. Listen as they explain why.